Media Unlimited (”إعلام بلا حدود“) was founded to establish and maintain high standards for professional journalists and organizations or individuals dealing with the media across the Middle East/North Africa region.

It does so through:

  1. Training of journalists
  2. Media consulting
  3. Developing media curricula for schools and universities
  4. Media literacy
  5. Writing, editing, blogging
  6. Communications/media crisis management training

Workshops/courses for journalists from print, broadcast and online media cover the following topics, or can be tailored to different needs:

  • Basic news reporting, writing and editing
  • Investigative journalism
  • Business reporting
  • Covering conflicts/wars/disasters and safety for journalists
  • Covering the environment
  • Covering science
  • Peace journalism
  • Online/citizen journalism, social media
  • Elections coverage
  • Legislative affairs reporting
  • Newsroom and media management

Workshops/courses for organizations/individuals dealing with the media focus on:

  • Public relations/public affairs
  • Organizational image/identity
  • Integrated communications strategy
  • Media crisis management

These services are targeted (but not limited) to the Middle East/North Africa region, and are available in Arabic, English and French. The training or consulting can be conducted in Lebanon, or in-country wherever needed, but not in conflict zones or dangerous countries.