Gender-based violence workshop wraps up JTP training projects

The JTP’s swan song was a five-day workshop in November-December 2011 during which Lebanese journalists learned about the issue and what impact it has on society.

The training, sponsored by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), included reporters from Hamzet Wasel magazine, Al Joumhouriya newspaper, Al Jadeed TV, Al Intiqad newspaper, Al Mustaqbal newspaper, Al Mustaqbal website, Astuces Parents magazine, and Assafir daily.

On Day 1, UNFPA experts Asma Kurdahi and Nicia El Dannawi launched the event with definitions about gender-based violence (GBV), while expert Caroline Succar discussed forms and manifestations thereof and UN consultant Nada Darawzeh spoke about international treaties relating to the topic.

On Day 2, Dr. Naji Souaibi showed examples of battered women and spoke of the health consequences of GBV, while economist Mona Khalaf explained what financial consequences violence has on individuals and society as a whole. A third session included Father Abdo Abou Khalil and Sheikh Mohamad Ali El Hage El A’meli to discuss the social, cultural and religious aspects of GBV.

On Day 3, lawyer and activist Danielle Howayek broached the subject of GBV legislation in Lebanon and was followed by UNFPA’s El Dannawi who spoke about that UN agency’s in-country programs and services, while a third session featured Lebanese University professor Nahawand El Kaderi who discussed results of research she has conducted on media coverage of GBV.

On Day 4, veteran journalist Iman Chamas Choucair conducted three sessions including case case studies, preparation for writing stories on GBV, actual writing exercise and editing the materials. Various video clips were shown, including a segment from a documentary about women beaten by their husbands, two of whom died from the violence.

On Day 5, multimedia expert Maya Rahal tied in the subject of GBV with writing for the Web and using social media to disseminate news about gender-based violence. The workshop ended with JTP director Magda Abu-Fadil discussing media ethics in GBV coverage.